Thursday, November 8, 2012

Extra Toilet Paper Storage

Sorry to get personal, but have you ever been stuck in the bathroom without toilet paper? Awkward about sums it up. Up until now I solved that problem with a handy device that held our toilet paper  (like a paper towel holder) that rested on the ground. It held 4 rolls and worked great until Logan discovered it.

He had a hay day opening up the rolls and pulling all the toilet paper off. He drags the device around the house and rides it like a horse. So I started looking for a better solution and found this on Pinterest:

Original Image: click here
It didn't come with directions, so I made a few changes and came up with a tutorial! It's an easy project that you can get done in a few hours. Perfect for a wedding, house warming, or even Christmas gift. Or you can just make one for your bathroom.

36" x 7" (for the body)
9" x 2.5" (for the straps)*

*I made loops to go over my toilet paper holder because I didn't want little hands untying this. If you want to make ties you'll need to adjust the pattern.

First, take the long piece for the body and iron the sides in a quarter of an inch. Fold that over and do it and iron again. This will leave you with no raw edges so you don't have fraying by pulling the toilet paper out again and again.

Sew the two side edges as close to 1/4 an inch as you can. You want this to hold down the fold you just made. Now fold the top and the bottom down a half inch and iron it into place.

Fold your material exactly in half so it now measures 18 inches long. Measuring from the folded half in, mark a line at the 7 3/4  and the 8 inch spot. Sew across both (so you now have two parallel lines).

Next, from the 8 inch line, measure again 7 3/4 and 8 inches, mark, and sew along those lines. My material has a seam because I ran out of material and had to use other stuff, so disregard the seam.

Now your top will look something like the picture above. And it's time to make and attach the straps. If you want to load up your rolls and make sure they fit under your toilet paper roll with a 9 inch strap, now would be the time.

To make the loops first take the two pieces of material and iron them in half (hotdog style/long ways). Next, fold the sides inward all the way and iron the two sides in (this will leave no raw edges). Once everything is ironed, sew 1/8 inch from the edge of the open side. Then do the same to the folded side so it looks uniform.

Form a loop and pin it on the back side of your body. You'll notice I angled mine because the device on your wall is wider than a roll of toilet paper. Sew across the top of the straps just to hold them in place.

Flip the front of your holder back into place and sew across the side and top 1/8 of an inch. I then sewed a second seam 1/4 inch from the top seam for extra support.

Attach this bad boy to the wall and enjoy not running out of toilet paper! Well, as long as you remember to fill it up.


  1. You've got to remember to fill it up! Dang!
    Smart and Cute too!

    1. Thanks Katheryn! I liked the embroidary on the one from Pinterest, but wasn't willing to do the work. It will be useful

    2. Hi can I please buy 2 of the blue designs off you as don’t sew etc

  2. Can I buy 2 off you as can’t sew etc ??